Logitech Harmony Companion With Amazon Echo Alexa Unboxing & First Impressions

Logitech Harmony Companion Remote on Amazon

The Logitech Harmony Companion is a great budget friendly smart remote control for your home entertainment system.  It allows you to use voice control to control your various smart home devices using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Siri. The Logitech Harmony Companion includes both the Logitech Harmony Home Hub & a Remote Control.

iHome Control Smart Plug Review – Voice control connected devices Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

Wi-Fi enabled smart wall plug.  Control any device connected to your SmartPlug.

iHome Control Smart Plug on Amazon

Supports small home appliances up to 1800 watts.  Pair with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri and turn your lights, your appliances, or a whole room on or off with the power of your voice.

Stay connected, no matter where you are. Control, monitor and schedule your SmartPlug from anywhere using the iHome Control App.  Works with Apple HomeKit™.  Control, monitor and schedule your indoor electronics using your iPhone and Siri®.  Connect iSP6 SmartPlug to your Nest devices and interact with the things you use every day.