Need for Seat – Maxnomic Gaming Chair Review ( 1 year later )

Review of the Maxnomic XL Series Titanus Black gaming chair after 1 year of use.

At $500+ the Maxnomic XL Series Titanus Black gaming chair from Need for Seat this is not for everyone.  I got tired of buying chair after chair that would just wear out over time and often times wouldn’t even last me a year and would become very uncomfortable to sit down.  This review of this gaming chair comes after one year of almost daily use.  When you buy the chair it will come in a box and I recommend you get someone to help you to build the chair as it is quite bulky and although you can do it yourself having a second set of hands is useful.  Note that this chair is meant for really big people, I’m talking about people who are 6’5″ in height or above and/or people who weigh above 200 lbs.  Right off the bat I’ll tell you that the back support pillow is a joke and the first thing you should do is toss it to the side (they just need to come up with a better system).  The back of the chair is very tall and its one of the things I like most about this chair.  The wings on the seat cushion were a cause for concern at first, but I found that they were subtle and worked out just fine.  The armrest have plenty of adjustments to suit your needs for whatever position works best for you.  One issue I found with this chair was that I wanted to move in the arm rest a little closer to the chair, but because of the design they could only physically go so far in.  The base is a very sturdy base and will support the weight of most people.  This chair has been very comfortable for long sessions on the computer whether I’m gaming, surfing the web, or just relaxing listening to music I can sit on this for hours on end.  One of the other excellent features of the chair is the very firm but comfortable seat that even after a year plus of use has remained sturdy and has not warped in shape in any way.  The back of the chair is fully adjustable and you can even recline almost 180 degrees flat if you wanted to.  Again if you are shorter than 6 feet tall this may not be the chair for you as your feed may actually hang over the chair and you won’t be able to reach the ground which may be uncomfortable.  The Maxnomic gaming chairs from Need for Seat are of great quality and comparable to or even better in my opinion to DXRacer gaming chairs.  I do definitely recommend this chair for big people, but if this chair does not work for you Maxnomic has plenty of other models.  Due to the fact that you will be dropping more than $400 on a Maxnomic gaming chair I do recommend that you call up the folks at Need for Seat and have a chat with them about the type of gaming chair you are looking for and your height and weight as you want to get the right chair that will work best for you since you are spending all this money.

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