SSD Secure Erase – The selected drive is in a Frozen state

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Create the Samsung SSD Secure Erase Utility CD or USB using the Samsung Magician software
  2. Write down the serial number of your SSD drive that you want to erase, either using the Samsung Magician software or by physically looking at the bottom of the SSD drive.
  3. Keep your computer case open and make sure you have access to the power cable connected to the SSD drive
  4. Boot up from the Samsung SSD Secure Erase Utility CD or USB
  5. When you get to the disclaimer and warning message, press Y
  6. Drive scan will commence and may take a few minutes
  7. Once the scan is complete it will list all the drives it found
  8. Locate the drive number that contains the serial number for the drive you are trying to secure wipe and write down this number (e.g. 01, 02, 03)
  9. The program will then ask you for each drive in the list if you want to wipe it, if the drive displayed matches the serial number of the drive you want to secure wipe press Y, otherwise press N to continue through the list
  10. At this point if you pressed Y and you get the error message “The selected drive is in a Frozen state” you will need to follow the steps below, otherwise if the secure wipe completed successfully you are done
  11. To get passed the Frozen state error you will actually need to disconnect the SATA power cable from your SSD drive while the computer is on
  12. After you have disconnected the SATA power cable from the SSD drive go back to the program and press the Esc key
  13. Program will then proceed to ask you if you want to wipe any additional drives, just keep pressing N until you get passed the last drive
  14. Then it will take a few minutes and it will exit to a DOS command prompt window
  15. Once you see the black screen with the A:\SAMSUNG\SECERASE command prompt you will need to connect back the SATA power cable to the SSD drive (this unfreezes the drive) while your computer is still on (do not turn off your computer at any point)
  16. Now go back to the command prompt and type: dir
  17. The dir command will list the contents of the CD or USB drive
  18. At the bottom you should see a file named SEGUI0.EXE
  19. At the prompt you will need to type: SEGUI0.EXE /s and then press the Enter key
  20. Now repeat steps 5 through 10 again and this time the utility should be able to perform the secure erase on the drive without the Frozen drive warning